About Nakusp Greenscapes Ltd.

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Nakusp Greenscapes Ltd. is based in Nakusp, B.C. in the beautiful Arrow Lakes Valley, an area currently untouched by large urban development. A collaborative effort of local residents and well known architects and environmental leaders, Nakusp Greenscapes is committed to sustainable, environmentally sound development that provides incredible residential and recreational opportunities but also maintains and supports a sense of community. Starting in 2012, Nakusp Greenscapes will be offering properties for sale and development of the entire 535 acre parcel will continue over the coming years.

The Arrow Lakes, which form part of the Arrow Lakes reservoir, stretches from Revelstoke south to Castlegar, approximately 200 km of crystal clear water. The lakes are known for big fish, abundant wildlife and a small human population. The area has escaped some of the intense development seen in the valleys to the east and west and the current population is less than 4,000 in the whole valley.

Back-country enthusiasts, hunters, sportsman, boaters and just plain nature lovers will find unspoiled beauty in the area, virtually no pollution and a laid-back, rural lifestyle. Local wildlife includes bear (grizzly and black), cougars, elk, deer, mountain caribou, moose, goats and many, many bird species including a large population of osprey (fish hawks). These spectacular birds can often be seen diving from high up in the air to grab fish at the surface of the lake.

The Village of Nakusp (pop. 1540), situated less than 2 km from the properties, offers a complete range of services including a hospital, ambulance service, shopping, elementary and secondary schools and restaurants and pubs. There is a local marina for boat launching, a community ski hill and two developed hot springs within ½ hours drive from the property.

Nakusp Greenscapes properties and the Village of Nakusp are located in the Selkirk mountain range, approximately 100 km south of Revelstoke, B.C., approximately 150 km north of Nelson, B.C. and 250 km east of Vernon, B.C.

View from Phase 2 lots

View from Phase 2 lots
View from Phase 2 lots, shown in banner photo and above
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